Oxtongue Rapids Park


Oxtongue Rapids Park Road is one of the most picturesque spots in Muskoka! These whitewater rapids inspired the Group of Seven and attract photographers and painters from around the globe. The walking trail generally follows the narrow and unpaved road. There are picnic tables at the monument.

This is one of the beautiful spots in Muskoka so relax and enjoy Picnic facilities are available.

Trail access is on Oxtongue Rapids Park Road. Follow this paved road 1 km. At this point the road becomes a narrow gravel road. Proceed 2 km to the monument in Oxtongue Rapids Park, which is the start of the trail. From the monument travel west along the trail to the left of the road you arrived on. At times the trail will follow the road itself as it comes quite close to the river. Trail length is about 1 km or 1250 steps one way. Return the same way or follow the road back to the monument.

See more at: http://www.discovermuskoka.ca/directories/1322-oxtongue_rapids.html…

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