Muskoka Honey Bee Products, Dwight

Royalty-free cartoon styled apiology clip art graphic of a honey bee insect cartoon character  <p>This image is available as an EPS file for an extra $20 fee after purchasing the high resolution. In order to obtain the EPS you will need to contact customer service. You can obtain the EPS files for the whole collection by purchasing the large collection and paying an additional $100.

Muskoka Honey Bee Products offers pure Muskoka Wildflower Honey, beeswax candles, all natural lip balms, cinnamon honey, soaps and creams prepared locally and by hand by our 4th generation beekeeper.  Our products can be found locally at retailers in Dwight, Dorset, Huntsville, and Bracebridge or shop on-line at our website at

Phone: (705) 783-3579
Web Site:

To find out more about the beautiful village of Dwight Ontario please visit or Discover Dwight.

Muskoka Honey Bee Products is located at 2840 Highway 60 Dwight, ON  P0A 1H0

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